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Services: Importing a Car from Japan to the USA

How It Works

We will take the lead as your agent in Japan and act on your behalf when importing a car from Japan to the USA. 

All JDM import cars that we find through auctions will already be inspected. As for any others found through local sales or dealers, we will provide a personal inspection from our team living in Japan to ensure the best quality car for you.

Our team has lived in Japan for several years, which has helped us develop a high level network of people and connections to the car scene. This makes certain things easier for us when it comes to importing a car from Japan.

The initial price we will quote you will be the price you pay, nothing more.

Buying the Car

Having all your requirements in your desired car, we take that information to our English speaking team in Japan and begin the search for your perfect car.

A minor deposit of $1,500 will be required before beginning the search, which will be refundable within 14 days. This amount will also never expire.

Upon completion of our search for you and finding the vehicle, we will send you the payment instructions. You will be required to complete the payment within 5 working days.


Due to the close range from Japan, shipping will be rather quick. Typically, we will have the car landed at our shop within 4-5 weeks from making the purchase.

Please be aware that shipping time frames can differ based on the weather and other factors that may affect arrival from Japan.

Once the car is on board we will provide you with the tracking number so you can count down the days to your new beauty! All verticals will be fully insured through the process as well.

Choice of Services

1. Upon arrival of your car, we can pick up from port of Tacoma, Washington. We will also bring the car back to our Portland office, title and register the vehicle with Oregon DMV, as well as provide service and inspection upon request.

2. We can provide all the above without title and registration with Oregon DMV, and provide you with all the necessary import documents to do so yourself for a slight reduction in costs.

3. Collection on your own, which means you will be fully responsible for collecting your car at the port and we will provide you with all the documents needed as well as our recommended broker to complete your process (typically used if you’re looking with a smaller budget).


The day that excites us all!

At this stage in the process you will already be notified of the arrival and we will have the selected service you wish to use (we collect, or you collect). All our vehicles will land in Tacoma WA port, although a different port can be requested (other ports outside Oregon and Washington will require you to collect your own vehicle).

Vehicle Sales

We also have European and Japanese import cars for sale in stock, and if you see something you like you may contact us via email.

We can also act as your personal seller of your vehicle to open the gates to a larger market through our showroom sales. Please contact us on how we can better assist you.

Got Questions About Importing a Car from Japan?
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